Brain Spotting

Susan Meinert Amore is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and psychotherapist who has been providing mental health support through therapy, including brain spotting (BSP). At our practice, Ms. Amore offers psychotherapy online exclusively, allowing her to reach patients in Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Utah, and Vermont.

What Is Brain Spotting?

Brain spotting was first discovered in 2003, by Dr. David Grand. Brain spots are reflexive eye positions related to an emotional issue in the brain. BSP is a way of connecting where you are looking with how you are feeling so that you can work through it in a safe space with an experienced therapist. This is because there is a correlation between what and where you are looking, affecting how you are feeling on an unconscious level.  

Identifying these points in your visual field helps you and your therapist, Ms. Amore, to access dormant trauma in the subcortical region of the brain. Unprocessed trauma can be harmful to your overall mental and physical health, and it can have a meaningful impact on your daily life.   

Benefits of Brain spotting

Brain spotting has a well-deserved spot in your therapist’s toolbox. BSP is used to identify and process trauma that may be causing behavioral conditions like anxiety and depression, among others. Identifying and processing your unconscious trauma may help you to heal and improve body and brain-based functioning.

Another benefit of utilizing BSP is that it helps your therapist bypass your conscious thinking so that the unconscious can be accessed, and treatment can begin. The BSP process will continue through one or more therapy sessions until you have successfully grasped the emotions that you need to work through, and you may find yourself emotionally worn out after a session. This is good news because it means that you are taking control of your unconscious thoughts in a safe space so that you can work towards dissipating the negative emotions associated with your trauma and begin healing from the inside out.

Finally, BSP is a neurobiological tool that can be integrated successfully with body-based therapies and other specialized physical-healing approaches for overall improvement.

Ms. Amore knows that anyone, anywhere, can suffer from poor mental health, and she offers psychotherapy online for patients in the states of Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Utah, and Vermont. Online therapy allows her to reach clients who need her help even though she may be far away from their home.  

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